3 Examples of good colours schemes

examples of good colours online

Example 1:


Louis Ansa is a Art Director and Graphic Designer from France.

His simple use of black, white and red makes his website stand out. The contrast of the red on the white is bold enough for the letters to be seen. As well as red on black. The boldness of the red and thick fonts are striking with an image behind. The simplicity helps to push messages strongly.

example one of great web colour use
www.louisansa.com October 2018

Example 2:


This website is another online portfolio for a book designer Lauren Wickware. She has a multi-dimensional scrolling. The opening colour fades in an out of different complimentary pastel colours as a background colour to black writing.

As you scroll through the website it goes from one panel to another. Each panel a different pastel colour which compliments beautiful full screen images on the right. The soft colours help the visitor to focus on her work.

example two of good web colours
www.laurenwickware.com October 2018

Example 3:


Selfridges is a chain of high-end department stores in the United Kingdom. Selfridges are known for their yellow packaging, especially their yellow shopping bags. A walk down Oxford street you will see many customers in the vicinty walking with their new purchases holding a yellow bag with “Selfridges” written in black bold writing.

Their website has continued their on brand yellow throughout. A simple white background and black writing continues throughout. The shopping bag in the top right hand corner is coloured in yellow. Buttons and scroll through arrows are in yellow. Images are highlighted with the yellow to help break the website up and to highlight their imagery. When Selfridges mega menu is clicked on you can even see the yellow in their campaign imagery.

Examples of good web design selfridges
www.selfridges.com October 2018
examples of good website colours selfridges mega menu
www.selfridges.com mega menu October 2018

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